We create content in Stereoscopic 3D (InS3D)
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  • • Games
  • • Videos
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For years Stereoscopic 3D content has been limited to Movies and Console Games that can only be experienced through 3D glasses. InS3D brings the same experience to portable devices without the need for glasses.

We give users the possibility to experience not only Video, Images, Games, Books and Magazines in Stereoscopic 3D but the entire App environment, opening a completely new dimension of digital content.

InS3D has created the first Android App in Stereoscopic 3D and the first SDK to create content in Stereoscopic 3D

We create cutting-edge Stereoscopic 3D environments on all 3D devices. From design to completion our team has the full expertise to display your product in Stereoscopic 3D

We're hiring creative and technology talent to help us build world class Stereoscopic 3D environments.